Short Courses in Finance Online

With the introduction of online courses, it has become easy for individuals to earn graduate level finance knowledge from the comfort of their homes. The courses are great in extending knowledge on diverse, yet important finance topics such as personal finance management, insurance management, tax laws etc. Of all the courses that cover the fundamentals of finance, there are a few that cover the core concepts in short durations.
Investing in Your Future by Rutgers
Investments score over savings, and a course that offers the principles of investing your hard-earned money wisely, has been offered by Rutgers. Designed for beginners in the investment field, the course has 11 units that cover topics ranging from investing small amounts in the beginning and gradually moving to higher amounts. The course also covers stocks and bonds and gives a precise explanation on how each can be purchased. Those investments offering tax advantages are also discussed.
Entrepreneurial Finance at MIT
When you think of start-up ventures in any field, you should know the basics of entrepreneurial finance. Although you do not need to possess a finance background, entrepreneurial finance course offered by the renowned MIT discusses the necessary details of each element of this segment. The course is designed to assist beginners in their decisions in becoming a venture capitalist or entrepreneur.
Principles of Macroeconomics at MIT
Those who want to learn the macroeconomic issues associated with business and finance will find this course offered by MIT really helpful. Issues such as inflation, unemployment, interest rates etc. and fiscal policies are clearly discussed in the sessions offered online. The course also discusses the US and other international economies, and offer an insight into public debt and conflicts faced by economics.
Taxes and Business Strategy at MIT
Slightly different from other finance courses that cover the fundamental principles of finance and its sub topics, this course offered by MIT takes you through the concepts of tax accounting and tax strategies, without forgetting to explain a single element that is vital. From the role of taxes in business to analyzing the tax planning options, the course facilitates you to wisely implement the concepts of tax strategy in your business or personal life.
Personal Finance: Debt and Borrowing at Open University 
Offered through four sections, the Personal Finance course offered through Open University discusses the debt issues faced in the UK region. From investigations on borrowing to making wise decisions before borrowing, the course extensively covers each topic. You will learn about the risks of having and accumulating debts, and how it can affect your personal and household finances. The concepts are the same of all, so can be applied in other countries as well.

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